GNOME ARP Monitoring Tool


What is GARP?

Garp (Gnome ARP) is an ARP monitoring program written on Gnome with the GTK toolkit and Ruby. It takes ARP tables and some system variables via SNMP and ARP protocols and determines whether any machines have changed their IP address.

It is useful for detecting new machines on the network and detecting which machine have changed addresses. It is intended especially for network admins.

Some features of GARP:

  • Detecting which machine had changed its IP address.
  • Archiving all machines on a network device.
  • Detecting unactive machines.
  • Multiple device support (two or more device can be analysed at once)
  • Giving alias to the device
  • System Variables Like:

    • System Name
    • System Description
    • System Uptime
    • CPU Usage
    • Free Memory

  • User friendly (e.g. every device's infos and files are in a directory which has the same name of the device.)

What are planned features of GARP?

GARP is now version 0.0.1. I hope in future, i'll be a nice Network Management program.

Can i help you?

Why not? :) Any idea, bug report or suggestion is welcome.


Licenses are GNU Public License.

Written in Ruby Written on Debian Written on GNOME Written With GTK
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