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What is csv2mysql?

  csv2mysql is a web based tool written in PHP to convert CSV files to MySQL tables.
 It asks for the location of the CSV file, type* of the CSV file access info
 (server address, table name, username and password) for the MySQL database
 and then lets user map the fields of CSV file to the
 fields of MySQL table.
  The latest version of csv2mysql is 1.0.0. You may see a snapshot of csv2mysql by clicking here.

What do you mean by CSV types?

  We assume that there are two types of CSV file:

	o Here are some example lines (as one record) from a CSV file that has 6 fields with encloser
	  (") and seperator (,).
          "Contactperson:","Fabio Miranda Hamburger"
          "Country","Costa Rica"
          "Country:", "San Jose"

	o Here is an example line from a CSV file that has 6 fields with encloser
	  (") and seperator (;).
	  "3";"Faruk Eskicioglu";"Multitask";"Male";"5627";"Istanbul"
	o Here is another example line from a CSV file that has 5 fields with 
	  seperator (:) and without any encloser.
	  4:A. Murat Eren:meren@comu.edu.tr:7778004:LKD
  If you supply a CSV file in this type, you will see the first record as
 field names while mapping each of them to fileds of the table.

How can i download it?

  Click here to download the latest version of csv2mysql.

I've found a bug in csv2mysql, what shall i do?

  Relax :) Feel free to mail us:
	Faruk Eskicioglu, farukesk@comu.edu.tr
	A. Murat Eren, meren@comu.edu.tr

I want more from csv2mysql!

  Previous answer.

I think csv2mysql is a great tool!

  Thank you but we don't think so :) We hope it was/is/will be* useful for you.