const char msg1[20]="Internal Error";
const char msg2[40]="<title>An error occured</title>";
const char msg3[20]="Access Error ...";
const char msg4[40]="File Opening Error ...";
const char msg5[60]="<title>You are being redirected ...</title>";
const char msg6[40]="Unregistered User";
const char msg7[256]="Mr/Mrs <b>%s</b>, you must register yourself in order to be a CPG user. Please enter your comment into the folowing text area and click \"REGISTER\" button to do this.\nRegistration process may take a long time...\n";
const char msg8[60]="Comment (ie: Comp. Eng. Student):";
const char msg9[10]="REGISTER";
const char msg10[50]="<title>Invalid Username and/or Password</title>";
const char msg11[65]="<h2>The Username and/or Password You Entered is Invalid";