COMU Privacy Guard

CPG stands for COMU Privacy Guard. It is a security tool. In essence it is a web based shell of Gnu Privacy Guard. It enables users to perform main functions of GnuPG on the web.

CPG has two branchs:
  • The first one must be installed on an email server. Log-in process of this branch uses /etc/passwd. Hence, just real users of the email server can use CPG.
  • The second branch can be installed on any web server that does not need to be an email server. Log-in process of this branch uses MySQL database. Hence anyone can be a user of CPG with any name or any email address.

    It is currently for Linux, Apache webserver and gnupg-1.0.6-5 only.

    You can test a working CPG by clicking here

    You can download tar.gz of cpg by clicking here.

    To translate cpg to your language you should translate English.h and to Your_Language.h and and send to

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